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Clinical Facial Treatments

Microdermabrasion Bespoke Facial 

It's kind of like an anything go's facial. I look at what your skin needs the most and build you an awesome facial. So lay back and let me do all the work while you drift off to dream land. 


Firm & Tone Facial

All the benefits of facial yoga without the funny faces. This treatment  uses microcurrent to strengthen and lift the muscles  of the face. Creating beautifully lifted cheeks, brows and contoured jawline. 

1 hour $150.00

Skin Tag Removal

If you find yourself with bumps and/or barnacles this treatment is just for you!

$25.00 or custom package for multiple skin tag removal.

(All peels and Microderm treatments can be made into a package discount deal!)


It's time for the most amazing exfoliation of your life! Not only does this treatment get ride of your old skin, it actually sparks the production of collagen and elastin deep inside. This means..... Ta-Da younger looking skin!  

1 hour $110.00

Light Therapy

(All Skin Types)

NASA DID WHAT! They developed a low level light therapy to help sun damaged aging skin, reduce acne and lighten hyper pigmentation. ORIGINALLY DEVELOPED BY NASA, this specific wavelengths of light profoundly affects skin tissue at the cellular level.

30 min $50.00

Add on to any treatment for $30.00

Oxygen Therapy Add-On

(All Skin Types)

You're going to LOVE what oxygen does to your face! If you have fine lines or deep wrinkles, this oxygen treatment will help plump them out. If you have acne wounds that are taking forever to heal, this helps the skin heal faster. Oxygen kills bacteria which makes this a perfect add on for the acne facial. If you have hyperpigmentation this will make your skin look brighter and smoother. 



RF Skin Tightening Treatment

Your skin will be loved on by RF (Radio Frequency) Energy. This gentle heat energy perks up the collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production within your skin. Making you look younger and well rested. The major benefits are more defined facial contours, tighter skin and reduced fine lines and wrinkles. ( Who doesn't want that!) Plus! I'll give your skin a boost in fibroblast production by using LED Rejuvenation at no extra cost. (It's a sweet deal.)

60 min $250.00 

Package of 3 for $750.00

Package of 6 for $1,500.00

Package of 9 for $2,250.00 

Hydro- Facial

Check out this 4 in 1 procedure that cleans, exfoliate, extract and hydrate. It's non- invasive and combines hydradermabrasion, extractions, and a special delivery system of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants  right into your skin. Get smoother skin, reduce those pores and say good by to deep wrinkles. Your skin will be left glowing and radiant for days. ( It's Amazing!) 

45 min $250.00

Package of 3 for $750.00

Package of 6 for $1,500.00 

Sensitive skin Peel

(All Skin Types)
If you have skin that is prone to redness, this is the peel for you!
(Please discontinue use of Retinol products, AHAs, masques and astringent one week before facial. You may resume products one week after peel.)
30 min. $60.00
Vitamin A Peel 
(Deep Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Uneven Skin Tone)
 The Muhammad Ali of face peels this one packs a punch. A strong exfoliation that stimulates new collagen production. A combination of 5% Retinol 10% Glycolic acid and 10%TCA accelerates cell renewal. You bet your sweet bibby this one will have you shedding skin for days.
(Please discontinue use of Retinol products, AHAs, masques and astringent one week before facial. You may resume products one week after peel.)
30 min. $50.00
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