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Yonka Facials

Regenerating & Redensifying Facial 

 How about you let me give you the best facial of your life? This exceptional bespoke treatment will reconnect you with your mind, body and spirit. Plus you'll have amazing glowing skin afterwards.  


  90 Min. * 120 Min.

 $145.00 * $210.00

Deep Hydration Facial

Everyone can benefit from this amazing facial. It's all about water. Do you think you drink enough? Well it doesn't matter how much you drink, only 20% of that water go's to the skin. After this treatment your skin will be so supple, you'll want to squeeze your own cheeks.


60 Min. * 90 Min.

$110.00 *  $145.00

Acne Purity Facial

Don't call the Derm just yet, I can help. Specifically made  potions and lotions will detoxify and calm inflamed acne to help clear up your skin in a jiffy.

 75 Min * 90 Min

$130.00 * $150.00

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